REAL Consultants has used every brand of virus software in the market place today. We have done all the research to find the best products and configuration and deployment in Small Office to Enterprise Organizations

Virus Protection & Recovery...

Computer viruses, hackers, crackers and data crime. They make headline news and - so the media claim - cost us millions. But do virus and all the other security risks in cyberspace matter? Do they really do much harm? If you're in any doubt, just try imagining what could happen in your office, home or worst to your customers if you infect them! Please contact us for more info.

What are the virus risks these days?

  • The Internet
  • SpyWare
  • Programs
  • Email
  • Documents and Spreadsheets
  • Floppy disks and CD's
  • Mobile Devices
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Protecting your Desktops and Servers
We can protect your Desktops from one central point with little or no desktop administration.

Protect your Email
We can check every Email that comes in and goes out of your company for viruses.

Easy Administration
We can set up your virus servers to automatically download virus updates and push these updates to your desktops. We can even set your roaming users to receive the latest updates when on the road and not in the office.