We come to your Company and Train your Staff on your Equipment and Software. Not Boring Lectures, but hands-on no nonsense approach to training. Classes designed by you or by REAL Consultants.


Educated Users
Training is the key to keeping your Computer Systems and Staff working in a productive way to meet your business needs. Training is one of the last resources companies exercise after spending thousands of dollars on their computer systems. It is often left out of yearly & project budgets. After spending thousands of dollars up-front on their systems most companies don't realize that with just a little more money they can achieve the most out of their computer systems. The new systems they bought, loose value rapidly without the proper training. The Total Cost of Ownership can be minimized in the long run with proper training. Please contact us for more info.


You Ask We Train:
You tell us what you want to learn and we will create a class for yuo.

Basic PC
An introduction to the PC, including the basic hardware and how the internal components work together. You will learn about Motherboards, CPU Speeds, Random Access Memory (RAM), Graphic Cards, Sound cards, Microphones, Modems and Keyboards and how to perform preventive maintenance.

Advanced PC
Here we go into much more detail than the PC Basics. We will cover the Motherboard in a much greater detail (Chip Sets, Slot Configuration, etc.), What parts to buy and how to find them. We have most of the leg work done for you! When your done with this class you will be able to buy and build your own PC with confidence.

Basic Windows
The Windows operating system will be covered. Identifying icons on the desktop as well and creating and deleting icons will be discussed. How to store files so yuo can eaisly find them. Under standing the many option that windows has built-in for custom configurations. Manipulating hardware and software through Windows will be explained as well.

Advance Windows
Windows Advance Training, here we will go into much more detail than Windows Basics. We will cover Troubleshooting, Networking, Control Panel, Security, Ugrading, Patching, Operating System Installation & Backup and Recovery.

Microsoft Word
Learn how to create a Document, modify it, copy and paste text from one Document to another, insert text and pictures or other graphics. Saving and recalling Documents will be covered as well as converting a Word Document into another format, as well as Mail Merge & Pre-designed Templates.

Microsoft Excel
Learn how to create a Spreadsheet, modify it, copy and paste from one Spreadsheet to another, insert Text, Pictures, and Graphs. Row, Column and Cell formatting and linking, etc...

Microsoft Power Point
Learn the basics of creating your own Graphical Presentation. Great for Sales Pitches, Meetings, etc.

Basic Networking
So, what's the big deal about cable modems and DSL? What are these things? In this course you will learn about basic networking techniques. Different methods of connecting to the Internet will be covered as well as basic Local Area Network (LAN) topics. Including network cards, switches & routers.

Advanced Network Administration
Learn the Advanced Network Administration. Server Hardware and Software, Configuration, Hard Disk Technologies (RAID), Operating System Installation, Networking, DNS, WINS, DHCP, Printers, System Policies, Shared Storage, backup and Recovery, etc..


Robert B. Ganz, MCSE
Graduate of Indiana University and Purdue University
Teaching assistant at both Universities. Has instructed many Students and Facility at the University of Chicago Hospitals and RUSH University as well. His qualifications and experience with Windows Network and Desktop Operating Systems makes him a great instructor for your IT Staff or the Office Manager acting as your Network Administrator.

Dr. Judy A. Serwatka
Associate Professor of Information Systems and Computer Programming, Purdue University Calumet
Dr. Serwatka has taught basic and advanced computer and networking courses for 17 years at Purdue University Calumet. Prior to her career at the University, Dr. Serwatka spent 14 years in the information technology field, including 6 years as a Systems Engineer at Bethlehem Steel. She is the author of a textbook, Business Data Communications. The third edition of this text was published in December 2000. 

Business Data Communications

Introductory Concepts and Techniques

By Shelly/Cashman/Serwatka

Book Description
An introductory text in business data communications which includes the latest developments in networking technology. It features Internet Projects as well as a Focus On feature to highlight industry leaders, and NetLinks to provide the students with Web links for additional information.

The world of data communications changes very rapidly. This book covers such new topics as Bluetooth, EDGE, 3G and SyncML. A new chapter on network security has been added to this edition. e-Business applications are also discussed in a separate chapter. Wireless technologies are given a great emphasis in the book.

Publisher: Course Technology
Copyright: 2001
Format: Paper, 352 pp
ISBN: 0-7895-5958-7
Status: Published 12/2000
Retail Price: $71.95 US