We have the latest knowledge and trained contractors on the newest VMware technologies. These products have many cost saving ways to run Production, Pre-Production & Development environments which run indepent of the physical hardware. Resulting ia much faster ROI plus decrease your rack space.

Server Consolidation ...

Optimizing - TCO
REAL Consultants can help you consolidate your rack space. Using virtualization products which can virtualize your hardware from many physical machines to a few physical machines but maintain the same amount of Logical operating environments running. Please contact us for more info.

Server Virtualization
Ideally suited for enterprise data centers, virtualization minimizes the total cost of ownership of computing infrastructure by increasing resource utilization and its hardware-independent virtual machines encapsulated in easy-to-manage files, maximize administration flexibility.

VMware and Hyper-V can be used to streamline software development and testing, evaluate software in ready-to-run virtual machines, re-host legacy applications or simplify server provisioning. In addition, users can leverage a wide variety of plug-and-play virtual appliances for commonly used infrastructure.