We work with the leading security organizations on the newest security patches. Tested and installed most security tools for Microsoft based products. We have helped several companies deal with security breaches.


How Import is your Data
Although you cannot make your systems completely immune to attacks, there are ways to improve the overall security of your system to make it less vulnerable. To help you improve your system's security, REAL Consultants can develop a method for evaluating your security risks, security practices that you can implement, and training for managers and technical personnel. We also have information on how to develop your own computer security incident response team or expand the skills of a team you already have.

Have you considered what would happen to your customer base if your company was the responsible party for their security breach? Please contact us for more info.


Risk Analysis
Risk analysis is a security planning activity which helps to determine which organizational assets need to be protected, what threats the assets need to be protected from, and how they should be protected. In general, risk analysis helps to improve awareness of the security issues surrounding a company and provides a justification for security expenditures. By identifying assets and vulnerabilities, risk analysis improves the basis for decision-making for implementing safeguards.

Security Policy
Good security decision making cannot be made without first determining security goals. Security goals are founded on such factors as organizational goals, business processes, services offered, ease of use, and cost of security measures versus risk of loss. These goals should be communicated to managers, end users, and operations staff through a security policy. A security policy is a documented and formal statement of the governing rules that regulate how an organization manages, protects, and uses assets. A security policy generally addresses goals, objectives, beliefs, ethics, controls, and user responsibilities in the form of high-level and generalized statements.

Network Security
We install networks with maximum security according to an organization's needs and thereafter we look after your network for further security and enhancements. We Build & Sell Computers with maximum available security implemented on these systems.

We can identify the needs for a firewall and recommend the best possible product according to the needs of your company.

Remote Access
Design and installation of various types of Remote Access Methods by securing an existing Remote Access System or by Implementing a VPN Solution for extra security, in most cases less costly. Increasing the ability of your clients and workforce to be able to safely access your internal network and also increasing customer satisfaction and work performance.

Intrusion Detection
We work very close with one of the leading venders of network protection. We can setup automatic updating of rule-base sets to terminate attacks. Configure comprehensive logging and alerting by email, pager and desktop alerts.

Hack Proof your Servers
We have developed security scripts to lock down your servers so "NO" Hacker can compromise them. Connect your servers if needed directly to the Internet and still be secure.

Virus Protection
Not only do viruses come in from the Internet but one of the biggest security holes in your organization is the front door. We can help you protect your assets on both fronts. We can asses your virus protection and configure the best plan for protection.

Crises Management
Hopefully a security breach will never happen to you. But if it does! Are you ready to clean up after the intrusion in the fastest way possible? This many need to be managed on two fronts. Not only software but hardware disasters including possible Customer triage as well.