Design and engineering of a complete end to end structured cabling system to meet any communication need.


Home Networking...

One clear trend is that people will participate in the Internet economy from home in far greater numbers and frequency. Home networks will form the basis for new services, products and savings. It is much easier and less expensive to install the cabling during new construction then after, it is better to be ahead of technology rather then behind. In addition, it is a great resale value to any home as more and more people work from home. Please contact us for more info.

The Ultimate Goal
Is to have every consumer device connected: A person could turn on the air conditioning through the TV, or a homeowner with a video security camera at home can view the house from a Web browser at work (watch that baby sitter from work). There are already many appliances on the market that support home networks and new ones coming out every year.

Possibilities Include

  • Utility companies reducing operating costs by not sending out crews for routine meter readings or maintenance.
  • Home appliance vendors offering scheduled maintenance or preemptive repairs based on communication between the appliance and the vendors' computers.
  • Home security systems offering improved services with faster emergency response times.
  • Entertainment providers supplying new, exciting and on-demand video and audio content.

Security Systems
Installation of wiring for Home Security Systems, Video Security Systems.

Secure Internet Sharing
Each computer in the house can surf the Internet at the same time (no more fighting between parents and kids). Audio System Wiring - Stereo, Speakers and Intercom System wiring. (Fiber, Copper, Audio, SVideo and Wireless Networks for slower needs).

Contractors Specials for New Construction
The "Totally Network House" - Great resale addition to any new house.