Built by REAL Technicians,
Burned-in, Configured to your Specifications, Tested and Certified.

Volume pricing available, as well as upgrade option. Rack servers also custom built.


Build or Procure to Fit your Needs
REAL Consultants has a complete line of computing products. Priced at a range to fit your needs, yet grow with your company. We fully support all products we sell and can build different configurations. Just tell us what you need and we can build it for you. If not, we will find it through our OEM partners.

REAL Computers can build any server to fit your needs. Of course, you have the option of specifying exactly what type of server you require or we can design it for you. We build servers to spec (including RAID, rack-mounted, multi-processor, fault-tolerant) or we can supply HP/Compaq, IBM or DELL pre-built servers. We also have engineers experienced in Windows Server installations or peer-to-peer Windows XP/Win7/200x for smaller businesses. Please contact us for more info.