It is important to know that REAL Consultants, Inc. has the knowledge and the staff to meet all your needs. Here are some of the current Certifications that our staff hold.

About Us... A Strategic Information Technology Service Company
REAL Consultants, Inc. offers an innovative approach for Medium, Small and Home Office businesses by creating tangible business benefits. How do we attain these benefits, by understanding your market, your competitors, your customers and your workforce to move your business forward. To improve technology by delivering the building blocks needed to allow our customers to trust that technology performs as expected. We deliver these blocks with an honest, up-front, practical approach. We measure the success of our technology solutions through improved up-time, lowering costs and repeat business.

Our Mission
To provide a Information Technology Strategy, that is Cost Effective, Goal Oriented, Phased and Documented.

"Our Focus is your Focus"

REAL Consultants, Inc. started out as a Small Business/Home Office (SOHO) consulting firm in Indiana in 1993, servicing the local community with an "Old School" approach to business ethics; Honesty, Reliability and Trust! Qualities that most companies forget as they grow. We pride ourselves in retaining these basic, but very important traits.

In 1995, our company name was R.E.L. Consultants, Initials from my family members. Many of our clients said that our business approach was "Real" and with the birth of my daughter Ashley we added the "A". Robert, Eric, Ashley, Lisa = REAL. Please contact us for more info.